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Sustainable Shopping, Planting a Future:

Every product you purchase helps reforest our planet.

Welcome to Güio Store

100% Sustainable Fashion

Colombia is the Center of Güio's Brand Identity, we think its paradise on earth, and as such, it should be conserved and protected


Our featured products

Our sustainable focus

Why we do what we do?


Products focused on natural awareness

Our designs are made in collaboration with local Colombian Artists with a focus on natural scientific drawing.

No waste and exclusive designs

We do not waste. A fixed set of products is made from each design.

When we reach the limit per design, orders are immediately frozen

Tela plisada

Sustainable, Organic Materials

All of our products use high-quality, 100% organically sourced fabrics made from responsible and sustainable farming practices.


About Güio

Our company's name comes from the local Colombian name given by indigenous communities to the Anaconda, one of the most beautiful and imponent animals in the Amazon region, which has become a staple of the rainforest and is closely related to many local religions and myths due to its relationship with rivers and their serpentine shapes.


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Store Policies



Our products are shipped according to the availability of inventory, additional details will be provided at checkout.

We offer preorders for our products, which include an estimated date of delivery during checkout.

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Our returns policy is only applicable to products that contain manufacturing errors.

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Legal Information

Our general terms and conditions, as well as information regarding treatment of personal data during purchases can be reviewed by customers by clicking the link below.

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